Friday, November 1, 2013

Blue Shampoo for Brassy Hair

What Causes Brassy Hair? Brassy hair is mainly caused by a chemical reaction between the ammonia, peroxide mixture, and the keratin bonds in the hair. As the ammonia lifts the color from the hair, it also deposits a slight orange tone into the hair strand. Over-processed hair or overly damaged hair is particularly prone to brassiness. There are many causes for the aggravation of brassy hair - pool chlorine, exposure to the sun, ocean water, and mineral deposits can all increase brassiness in hair. Blue shampoo for brassy hair can fix that.

How To Prevent Brassy Hair
Prevent brassy hair from occurring in the first place by bleaching only healthy hair. Nurture porous hair because this type of hair can easily come off as brassy once the bleaching process is done. Now if you have naturally straight hair, then you are a great candidate for hair bleaching due to your straight keratin bonds. Extremely wavy hair or curly hair is prone to brassiness because it is naturally more porous than straighter hair types.

Extremely dark hair is also prone to brassiness because the ammonia will have to stay longer on the
hair to lift the color. If you are interested in bleaching your hair to a lighter hue, go to a professional hairstylist. If you're still hell-bent in bleaching your hair at home then Wella Blondor is heralded as a salon quality hair bleach system that can be purchased at your local drugstore or hair salon.

Sulfate-Shampoo and Brassy Hair
Sulfate shampoos are formulated with laureth sulfate. Laureth sulfates delivers the bubbling action akin to most traditional shampoos. The sulfate will deep cleanse the hair but will also remove the hair pigment - leaving brassiness behind. Using sulfate-free hair products will preserve hair color and prevent brassiness from occurring in the first place.

Blue Shampoo for Brassy Hair
If you look at a color wheel, the opposite color of orange is blue. The theory behind blue shampoo for brassy hair is that it will neutralize the brassiness and lift the color to a more natural hue. Most color correcting shampoos are formulated with violet colors. This is effective in removing brassiness but the color blue is more intense and will effectively remove the brassiness better than violet shampoos.

Color-Proof Line of Product
Color-Proof shampoos, conditioners, and masks are effective in removing brassy tones. It is formulated with a full spectrum UVA and UVB protector. They are also sulfate-free, so it will not zap the color out of your hair, preserving it instead. Flex Shield technology wraps the hair in a protective cocoon that will protect it from mechanical and chemical manipulation.

Aveda Blue Malva Shampoo
Aveda is a hair salon that focuses on holistic, natural products. The ingredients in the Aveda Blue Malva Shampoo has ingredients that neutralizes brassiness. Gray hair can also benefit from the blue shampoo since it will add brightness. Coneflower oil is also formulated inside of their Blue Malva Shampoo. This oil is known to intensify hair color.

Zerran Blue Shampoo
This blue shampoo is formulated without parabens and it is also vegan. Panthonol and vitamin B5 is known to also promote healthy hair growth. It is also made without sulfates and it is also alcohol free
which will help retain moisture.

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