Wednesday, September 23, 2015

How Do You Use Ponds Cold Cream Cleanser? Mineral Oil and Under eye Wrinkles

Pond's Cream Cleanser and Pond's Cold cream are old, antiquated products that have a cult following. I've heard so much about Pond's products for quite some time, especially amongst my aging aunts. They've all sung about how moisturizing and gentle Pond's Cream Cleanser and Pond's Cold Cream are. As someone in their mid 20's, I already have smooth skin - and I would like to keep it that way. One of the more difficult areas for me is the undereye area. I never knew how I was supposed to clean and take care of my eyelids, which are typically the first place to show signs of aging. Cleansers with sulfates, benzoyl peroxide, and salicylic acid did wonders for my face, but would dry out the sensitive undereye area. But if I didn't wash my eyelids, gunk will gather up, and I would have crusty eyelids. What is a boy to do? Wash their eyelids with plain water, and maybe use a saline solution for removing any eye boogers. I finally did some research on Ponds and have used their Pond's Cream Cleanser and Pond's Cold Cream for several weeks - and here's my verdict (I love it).

Mineral Oil and Undereye Area
I am not afraid of chemicals in my skincare products. I can conceptualize the fact that some