Saturday, April 2, 2016

Scab After Bleaching Hair: What to Do

Most bleaching units lift hair by altering the pH level of the hair strands to a high of 8.5-9.5. Usually, the pH level on your skin and hair hovers around 4.5-5. When you apply a substance on your skin as high as 9.5, you will essentially cause a chemical burn. Bleaching kits are particularly dangerous, because the moisture in the cream delays the inflammatory response, allowing the chemical to work for longer on the skin and hair before you feel the excruciating pain. Usually, a strong tingle is a sign that it is too late - and now you have burn mark that will eventually scab.

If you noticed that you have a chemical burn, the best thing to do is simply leave it alone. Try not to use heavily scented shampoos, conditioners, and hair product. Do not manipulate the area or touch the chemical burn. This will help reduce the chance of scarring. An ice pack immediately after the injury will help with swelling from the gnarly burn.

Scabs After Bleaching Hair - What to Do?