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Benefits of Being A Handsome Male - Let Your Looks Talk

When it comes to the concept of “beauty” and being “attractive,” there are many that note the notion that beauty is only “skin deep” or in the “eye of the beholder”. However, there seems to be a universal mold that is considered “beautiful” that transcends cultures and people of different parts of the world.

Male facial features – also dubbed as sexual dimo
rphism – contain many traits that can be potentially perceived as attractive. A relatively long face, strong jaw line, and developed eye brows are noted as being universally attractive. Strong, prominent facial features are a hallmark of a healthy testosterone level and the increased probability of conception. Ample amounts of testosterone is tied to the man being able to create healthy offspring , as well as having the ability to “protect the woman”. It is suggested that faces that are deemed “masculine” are indicators of good health and sexual rigor. A symmetrical face is also noted as being a hallmark of genetic health.

Universal Male Attraction and Beauty

A theory put forth by American Psychologist William Sheldon notes that there are three types of body
“types” – ectomorphic, mesomorphic, and endomorphic. A male with a mesomorphic body – medium bone structure, a solid and defined torso, broad shoulders, narrow waist with a relatively low fat composition – is noted as being associated with the universally attractive male. A torso in the shape of a “V” and a waist to shoulder ratio of .75 is noted as being universally attractive as well. Individual tastes may conjure up when it comes to bodily proportions, with some individuals opting for bodies that are more muscular or leaner.

Research notes that there are strong correlations between physical attractiveness and income, with people that are deemed attractive having the capability to permeate the upper income bracket more readily than their more rugged-looking counterpart. Timothy Judge, a Doctor of Philosophy at the University of Florida, notes that people that are attractive tend to make more money, achieve higher academic levels, and were perceived to be more confident overall. However, do not get it twisted – if you expect to land that gig of a life time, you definitely need to hone in on your job skills before going out and investing in the latest cosmetic procedures.

Being physically attractive also has a rippling effect. Being physically attractive also advocates and supports your own self-image and confidence. It makes sense – with the proposed benefits of being physically attractive like the attention given by people and employers – it makes sense that you will have an improved sense of self confidence. People also tend to “talk” about people that have amiable personalities. When people know about a person’s positive traits like humor, kindness, humility; then they are usually perceived as more attractive.

Benefits of Being Attractive Guy
While you may not get a particular job promotion due to your looks, do not be quick to cross out opportunities before you even given it an honest shot. Having a healthy sense of self-worth and self-esteem – even if you may not be “universally handsome” – can be perceived as attractive to other people. No matter how you look, always remember to smile. A smile brightens up your face, softens your countenance, and is a welcoming gesture – instantly making you look more attractive, even if you do look like a gremlin.

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  1. Contrary to what's written here thin/long faces are not associated with high testosterone. Quite the opposite: broad, wide faces/jaws are the typical masculine phenotype. The more obvious masculine features in the image are the downward mouth corners,(As opposed to the feminized cupid's bow) and the smaller, closer set eyes.


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