Saturday, August 24, 2013

What Is Scab Hair? Scab Hair Pictures and Scab Hair Treatment

Many women (and men) who perm their hair with a hair relaxer, note a change in texture when they complete their “big chop”. After cutting off permed ends, many relaxer users note that their new growth is dry, wiry, and non-responsive to hair products. This is scab hair. Many question if “scab” hair is a figment of the imagination, or a real medical condition – there is no conclusive evidence that argues for or against scab hair.

Scab Hair After Big Chop? Take note that scab hair tends to inflict those that have relaxed and permed their hair for many years. It is a possibility that the consistent application of hair relaxer on the scalp and hair can adversely affect the health of the actual hair follicle. Scab hair tends to disappear on its own, with the person's natural curl pattern becoming evident after the scab hair has “grown out” a few inches. Essentially, one's natural curl pattern lies “under” the scab hair.

Here are video examples of scab hair. Understanding another person's perspectives can
help you understand, identity, and eventually “cure” scab hair. These are a compilation of youtube hair videos expanding on the issue of scab hair.

Scab Hair Treatment
Moisturizing the scab hair – and your own natural hair – is the key to ensuring the integrity and health of your hair. A moisturizing shampoo is ideal, with a moisture rich conditioner. Weekly treatments with olive oil, jojoba oil, or castor oil will help soften the scab hair. Castor oil is particularly effective, due to its fatty acids. It's also easiest to work with, due to its viscosity. Mix a bit of castor oil with your hair conditioner in your hand, and massage it on your hair. Put a shower cap on, and wash the rest of your body. Allow the conditioner to condition the scalp hair while you wash off the rest of your body. Rinse the hair, making sure to slowly detangle the hair with a wide-tooth comb. Do not pull on the hair – this will only aggravate the problem.

After a few months of moisture treatments, it is recommended that you cut the scab hair off with hair scissors. It's best to cut the scab hair as soon as possible, since damaged ends can travel up the hair shaft, causing more damage. After the scab hair has been removed, your natural curl pattern will be left behind, relinquishing you of the dry, porous scab hair.

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