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NoNo Hair Removal Scam? Not So Quick ! + No No Hair Removal Review For Men

The No! No! Hair removal system is deemed as a “revolutionary” way of removing hair – without the burns of depilatory creams or without the nicks from rusty manual shavers. However, there is a bit of controversy surrounded with the hair removal device, with many calling it the “no no hair removal scam”.

No No Hair Removal Scam: Is it Actually A Scam? A Closer Look

The No! No! Hair removal system works with a technology called “thermicon”. Essentially, this technology zaps the actual hair with concentrated heat. It uses thermal transference to emit a gentle pulse of heat to the hair, without ever touching your skin. The manual states that the only side effect of using No! No! Hair removal systems is a distinct smell, as it burns the hair off.

Many people who use the No! No! Hair removal system are quick to call it a scam. The hair removal device is not designed for areas with dense or coarse hair, like the face or neither region (more about that later). Users with dense leg or arm hair will also find that the device is very ineffective. Claims of No No hair removal scams have hardly any basis – as long as you follow
the instructions and have the right hair type and amount. However, it is simply not effective for most users – nor is it a magic product that will remove all remnants of hair in one sweep.

To understand how the No No Hair removal system can be potentially ineffective, you will need to understand how it works at the follicular. When the heat zaps the hair away, it also travels down the hair shaft into the actual hair follicle. The heat is thought to disrupt the normal hair growing process, causing the hair to grow less dense with continued use. People with hair that tense to grow very dense will find the tool to be ineffective, because the density of the hair will disrupt the heat from travelling up and down individual hair shafts.

The No No Hair Removal system is best designed for men and women who do not have a lot of body hair. The effects of the removal system is cumulative, with hair growing less dense with continued use. Those also with light colored body hair can also benefit from this tool.

No No Hair Removal Review For Men: No No Hair Removal Real Reviews

I used this product for my leg hair and facial hair consistently for 2 months. I actually saw a slight decrease of facial hair, but it was marginal. I have coarse facial hair that grows like a weed. But I have not used it for 3 weeks, and it seems like the improvements have disappeared. It did nothing for my leg hair. I gave this item away to a female family member. She uses it on her legs - which grow in sparse, sporadic groups. Is the ""No No Hair Removal scam"" part of her hair removal regimen? Nope. Go figure...

This is a review of the NoNo Hair Removal Scam by a man. This is not me, but check him out. He has a few points that echo mine.

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  1. People might hear a thing or two about complaints for no no hair removal. But they have to try it for themselves and see its effectiveness.


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