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Mane Depot Euro Hair Detangler Review

Do you know how when you purchase new hair wefts and they are shiny, silky, and manageable? But after a couple of weeks the hair becomes dull, prone to tangles, and very stiff? Well that is the effect of hair silicones. The hair silicone wraps the hair and protects it from external aggressors, as well as help prevent water loss. This allows for silky and smooth hair. But as you wash, condition, and brush your weave wefts, this silicone is eventually removed. Revealing the true form of the hair – raggedy, tangling hair that is impossible to manage. That is the reality of all of the hair that you see in the beauty supply stores and on online boutiques. So I was under the impression that as long as I give my mom a bottle of silicone-rich conditioner, the life of her weave wefts will be extended. But that was not the case. Hair factories that manufacture the hair on the hair wefts use premium silicones that will stay on the hair for 10 to 14 hair washes. Mane Depot Euro Hair Detangler is marketed as a hair silicone that will restore hair wefts and hair pieces, something akin to the premium, professional stuff. Yeah - not so much.
Mane Depot Euro Hair Detangler

Mane Depot Euro Hair Detangler Quick Facts

  • The thing is oily as heck
  • There are no ingredients printed or listed anywhere
  • Mane Depot and Onrite Euro Hair Detangler is the same product

Mane Depot Euro Hair Detangler Directions

Here are the directions printed on the front of the 4 oz bottle: "In a large plastic mixing bowl mix the following formula. 2
oz detangling solution, 8 oz boiling water (boiling water is necessary.) Submerge hair in detangling solution for 5 – 10 minutes. (Do not home or brush system until the soaking time is complete.) After soaking time is complete, remove hair from solution and brush hair for 15 minutes. Do not rinse until brushing is complete. Rinse thoroughly and condition. For professional use only."

This Is What Happened When I Used Mane Depot Euro Hair Detangler

First of all, the fact that I had to use boiling water made me a bit uneasy. I will have to submerge my mom's expensive weave wefts into boiling water. She trusted me with the task, and I did not want to cause any distrust.

Well, I followed all of the directions. I boiled some water, poured the boiling water into a measuring cup, and made sure that I have exactly 8 ounces of water. I poured the 2 oz bottle of Mane Depot Euro Hair Detangler and mixed it with a spoon. I quickly poured the solution into a shallow dish, and submerged one of my mom's old weave wefts that has been washed, conditioned, dried, and brushed. One thing to keep in mind is that 10 ounces of water is hardly enough to cover a weave weft of thick Indian hair. Somehow I managed. I went ahead and told Siri to activate a timer for 10 minutes. I waited.

After 10 minutes, I removed the hair weft from the solution, making sure to not burn myself. I brushed and brushed the hair for 15 minutes. The hair felt slightly slimy, but conditioned. I rinsed the hair with very cold water, making sure to remove as much of the solution from the hair as possible. I then used a Dove Conditioner to condition the hair. I allowed the conditioner to stay on the hair for about 5 minutes. I rinsed it off with cool water.

My mom and I waited into the hair was dried, overnight. My mom was excited to finally see her "restored" hair weft. She was slightly impressed. Slightly. The hair felt soft, but the actual hair strands felt a lot thinner. This is probably due to the boiling hot water. After 2 days, the hair weft was back to normal.

Now...I am a realistic person: Mane Depot Euro Hair Detangler will probably have a harder time restoring hair wefts that that are completely damaged. This is why I used it on hair that was somewhat tangly. We had hopes that the solution will restore it back to normal. But to no avail. We would not be purchasing mane depot your hair detangler again.

However, I am excited to use Sherrie's Ionic Infusion Treatment next, from the Hair Extension 101 Web store.

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