Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Amodimethicone vs Demithicone: Best Silicone For Hair

Hair silicones wrap the hair in an invisible film. This "film" superficially and temporarily hides split ends, damaged hair cuticles, as well as help improve the retention of hair dye. Sound's all great and dandy, right? Not so quick. Using hair products with silicones can cause buildup over time, making your hair look perpetually greasing and decreasing the effects of your other hair care products (since the hair cuticle is "suffocated" with the silicone.)

Amodimethicone vs Demithicone

There are many different types of hair silicones. Amodimethicone and demithicone are two of the more popular silicones that are typically found in hair conditioners, hair masques, and hair serums. ​Even though both of these ingredients fall under the "silicone" family, they share different subcategories, as well as have properties that are unique to each other.

Amodimethicone Is Water Soluble. Demithicone is Not Water Soluble
Silicone has gotten a bad wrap - but it all depends on how you use them. There are many benefits of silicones in hair products. ​Amodithicone is a superior silicone when compared to demithicone. Demithicone is not water soluble - you will need a sulfate-based shampoo to remove demithicone. It can easily build up in the hair. Amodithicone is somewhat soluble in water, and it has the unique ability to attach to gaps and bridges in the hair shaft, reducing the chance of causing product buildup or the frequent use of harsh sulfate-based shampoos to rid the hair shaft of the silicone.

​The Loreal Total Repair 5 Damage Erasing Balm is one of my favorite hair masques - and it is formulated with amodimethicone. Unlike other silicone based conditioners (like my Dove Intense Therapy Conditioner that is formulated with demithicone) I find that my Loreal Total Repair 5 Damage Erasing Balm leaves my hair feeling silky, without feeling overly coated with product. I also find that it
takes longer for my hair to have silicone build-up, making it ideal. Amodimethicone-based conditioners are suitable for those who are sensitive to silicones, have fine hair, or have wavy hair like me - this "light-weight" silicone does not weight down my wavy hair.

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