Tuesday, July 16, 2013

How to Do The Perfect Hair Flip: Guide to Perfect Hair

The quintessential hair flip. ​It has seduces men, it showcases how healthy your genes are to potential suitors, and it triggers sexual responses from men. There is a certain art form when it comes to completing the perfect hair flip. I will speak about the link between hair health and sexual attraction, how to do a perfect hair flip, and products that you should use to do so. Ready. Set. Go!

Do Men Find Long Hair or Short Hair More Attractive?​ Okay. Before you can do a hair flip, you are going to need some hair. I will not disrespect women who run around with pixie cuts. ​Men do not hate women with boyish cuts. However, a large proportion of men do not like women with short hair. Why? Because hair is feminine. Hair is beautiful. Oh...and your hair tells men about any recent exposures to chemicals, the information in your DNA, if you drink, if you're a drug user, if you have healthy eating habits, or if you regularly shower. What I am trying to say is...that it's time grow out that pixie hair cut. You'll thank me later.

Prepare Your Hair For Take Off : There are a few prerequisites that you will need to take care of before you are worthy of performing the ultimate hair flip.

Create Volume for Wavy Hair

  1. ​Wash Your Hair - Greasy hair will not give you any lift. You need hair that has been purified from any junk. I recommend a clarifying shampoo to remove any product build-up. 
  2. Condition. But Don't Deep Condition. - Conditioner that instills too much moisture in hair will not lift. The hair will be plastered to your scalp. Stay away from silicone-based conditioners. Check the ingredients in your conditioner.
  3. Towel Dry and Blow Dry Hair - Remove excess moisture with a towel. ​Apply a small amount of your favorite heat protectant, focusing mostly on the ends of the hair. Comb through with a wide-tooth comb. Now blow-dry the hair with a diffuser, on warm, on the low setting, with your head upside down. Not have a diffuser? It's okay. Get one of those universal Hot Sock diffusers. Do not blast your hair with the blow-dryer. You will lift the cuticle of the hair, causing tangles. Use different positions, just make sure that your head is mostly upside down. Scrunch the hair until your hair is mostly dry. Flip up. Use a small comb to tame any misplaced waves. Wavy hair has a natural lift to it. You are done.

Create Volume for Straight Hair
Creating volume for straighter locks is a bit easier (you lucky gal). Check out this video guide to creating volume if you have naturally straight hair. ​

You are almost there....

How To Do The Perfect Hair Flip

​Don't be too overzealous. I don't want anyone breaking their necks.

Wind. You Need some Wind.


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