Saturday, August 24, 2013

Cold Pressed Castor Oil for Eyebrows Growth: Growing Overplucked Eyebrows

If you overplucked your eyebrows, you might be looking for an effective solution to jumpstart eyebrow hair growth. Castor oil is commonly used to help promote hair growth on the head and eyelashes. To properly use castor oil for eyebrow growth, you will need to understand how castor oil works at the topical level.

Castor Oil for Eyebrows: How Does Castor Oil Work?
As the name suggests, castor oil is derived from the castor bean plant. The oil has a very small molecular weight, allowing it to penetrate the epidermis and reach the deeper layers of the skin. This is the action that benefits eyebrow growth. It is believed that the castor oil stimulates hair growth, as well as condition the new growth. Castor oil for eyebrows is a holistic and natural way to grow overplucked eyebrows.

Castor Oil for Eyebrows: Night Treatment
Due to the fact that castor oil is infact an oil, it is best to create a night treatment that includes castor oil. After your night time facial regimen, apply a light layer of castor oil onto the eyebrows. Message it
in for a few seconds. You will find that the thick layer will thin out as you massage it. Do this every night, and you will see a marked increase in eyebrow hair growth.

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