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The ABC'S Of Men's Fashion: Men's Style Rules

There are certain men's fashion rules that a stylish, modern man must follow. Every man has an assortment of fashion questions whenever they open their closet. I was inspired by 101 Men's Fashion Tips, that I've decided to conjure up my own tips and tricks. Good luck, men!

A is for Alterations. Clothes should fit you like a comfortable glove. It shouldn't look like its draping over your body. If you are shopping for clothes, and you find that your pants are too long, or your shirt is too loose around the chest, then do not be afraid to go to a tailor. Alterations to a suit or sports coat will cost anywhere between $30 - $100. Shirts will cost between $20 - $30, more if you want to alter the sleeves. Dress pants will be between $10 - $15. Sometimes a body can be a bit disproportionate after weight gain or weight loss. It might be a bit of a faux pas, but don't write off the possibility of buying custom jeans. No one would be the wiser.

Brown shoes, brown belt. Black shoes, black belt. Simple.

C is for cashmere sweaters. ​A cashmere sweater is the gold standard in a fashionable man's closet. It's one of those clothing items that you should splurge on - and rightfully so. Cashmere sweaters are made from the wool of the kashmir goat. Purchase a cashmere sweater in a timeless dark hue, and with proper care, you will find that the sweater can last for many years.

Don't out-dress y​our boss. Unless you're trying to take his job position.

E is for emotional intelligence. ​Guess what, guy? When you step out into the world, most people are
somewhat judging you at the conscious or subconscious level. You most likely care about what they are thinking. Trust me, people will judge you if you step out looking like a disheveled hot mess.

Flip Flops are for the beach, pool, or for lounging around the house. Excuse me sir, why are you in public with those dusty flip flops? No body is interested in your man feet. ​

Grooming kit. Please have one to stow away inside your work desk, locker, car, or suitcase. Stash oil-blotting tissues, nose hair clippers, nail clippers, hand lotion, breath spray, and a travalo filled with your favorite cologne.

Purchasing an inconspicuous organizer like this one will ensure that you can stash away your grooming kit without creepy co-workers spying on your goodies.

Hair length. Your hairstyle is as important to your look as your clothes. If you are balding, keep it short. It disguises it. Nappy hair? Also keep it short. You have a bit of room to play if you have a bit of a texturizer in your hair. If you have high-quality hair, then you can have some hair. Just don't go over collar-length hair if you want to keep your professional job.

Investments. White t-shirts are items that you can buy in bulk. Invest in a nice pair of wing-tipped shoes. It brings an outfit together. Alden Shoes are fantastic. $500 bucks. The quintessential watch can last a life time. Purchase one with a leather strap or diamonds. $500 - $3000. There is a difference between expensive suits and cheap. Trust me - people will know the difference. $2000+.

Jewelry. ​You're a man. A stylish, modern man. Jewelry is okay. Just don't over do it. Ring and watch. More than that, and you might be mistaken for a pimp.

Khaki Pants. Khaki pants are comfortable and casual - and have room for a stylish wardrobe. However, "casual" is not code word for sloppy. Purchase cotton-twill khakis for comfort. And please, no pleats. It'll only make your midsection look larger.

Lace styles. Different footwear require different lace styles. ​Criss-cross lacing for sneakers and boots. Straight-bar lacing for wing-tips.

Motorcycle Jackets.​ Motorcycles can be an edgy, but awesome edition to ones wardrobe. Go for structured, fitted motorcycle jackets. Purchase jackets that are stream-lined to your body - a leather motorcycle can easily look like it's wearing you ​if it looks too bulky.

o labels. No logos.
Go to your favorite shop. Look at the inside tag. It'll probably have some kind of logo. Check the face of the shirt. Does it have the same logo? That's cool. Place the shirt right back on the rack. Labels tell the world that the item has been mass-produced. It's just embarrasing. Please stay away from Ed Hardy, Polo, and other brands who just can't seem to NOT place logos on their clothes.

Open mindedness. Believe it or not, your mind and your intellectual capacity is part of your style arsenal. Be smart, be smartly dress, and you will

Liberal? That's just awesome. Not afraid of the color pink? Right on! Be open-minded and be true to yourself - you will only attract good things in your life.

Pink. Speaking of the color pink...wear it in the form of a button up shirt. It's classy, refreshing, and will grab the attention of others. Pink plays well with tanned white guys or men who have a natural. tawny color to them. I see you, Greek and Italian men.

Questions. Don't be afraid to open your mouth and ask questions. Ask your tailor for tips when it comes to alterations. Ask sales people for the latest trends in their target market. And especially do not be afraid to ask fashionable people about their clothing items.

Rule of 3. The Rule of Three: Do not play up more than 3 color schemes when you dress up. Even though it might some restrictive, it actually allows for plenty of room for experiment - while minimizing the chance of you looking like a monochromatic tragedy.

Square-Toed Shoes..are dated, tasteless, and a no. They make your feet look weird, and they are not known to be exactly comfortable. ​There are trendy guys. Average guys. And tasteless guys. Don't be tasteless.

Tie Knot. No matter what type of tie knots you decided to use on this fine day, follow this simple rule: The knot of the tie should hide the collar band behind it. If you can see the band of the collar, then your tie is also too loose.

Understatement. When it comes to colors, understatements are good. Unless you're a master of the color wheel, you should play with neutral colors. If you are feeling a bit adventurous, check out this men's lookbook for inspiration.

V-Neck Anything. There's nothing wrong with nipples. It's just that...nobody wants to see them. There is no purpose for a "very" deep V-neck shirt.

Wooden Hangers: Wire hangers will only deform your clothes and stretch out the shoulders on your favorite button-up shirts, cardigans, and suits. Wooden hangers are the way to go if you want to preserve the shape of your clothing. ​

XIX Fashions. Deriving inspirations from the 19th century is okay. Like the vest. ​Just make sure that the vest is free of chains, flashy embellishments, and make sure that it is not leather. Leather vests are not okay.

Youtube. There are a slew of men's fashion on Youtube. I like to think that Youtube is the antidote to messy wardrobes. There is no excuse to looking like a mess since now we have physical demonstrations of stylish men. Here are two of my favorite Youtube Fashion curators. ​

Zoots.​ For Zoot suits. If you think that they have any room in any man's closet...then there is no hope for you. And you need to get off my blog. Woops, sorry.

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